17 Resolutions for 2017


Okay, so maybe you are not a resolution kind of person.  Here me out…just try some of these resolutions.

  1. Pursue: One Mature Leader to Mentor You.
  2. Mentor: Two Young Leaders in Your Church or Community.
  3. Plan : Three Meaningful Weekends for Your Family.
  4. Create: Four Service Projects to do with your family and for Your neighbors.
  5. Ask : Five Friends to Evaluate Your Greatest Strengths and Weaknesses.
  6. Teach: Six Life-skills to Your Children.
  7. Share: Seven life-lessons from 2016 with seven people.
  8. Write: Eight letters to widows in your community.
  9. Schedule: Nine visits with pastors in your ministry location.
  10. Compose: Ten Major Goals (Spiritual, Emotional, Physical) for 2017 and share them with an accountability partner.
  11. Tithe: Eleven percent of your income (if this applies…really just  consider increasing your tithe one percent)
  12. Plan: Twelve Dates with Your Wife.
  13. Consider: Thirteen ways you can reincorporate spiritual disciplines into your personal life. (Weekly Routines, Daily Habits)
  14. Read: Fourteen books pertaining to your life roles, responsibilities, and passions. (Pastoring, Preaching, Leadership, Theology, Family, Etc…)
  15. Take : Fifteen minutes of every day to plan out the next day’s time and tasks. (Consider Using the Bullet Journal System)
  16. List: Sixteen blessings from 2016 and share them with others.
  17. Write: Seventeen BIG prayer request down for 2017.

Okay, so there you have it…have a great new year Pastors and Church Leaders.

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