South River Pastors Fellowship


The South River Pastors Fellowship is a non-denominational gathering of local pastors in Augusta County, VA.


Connecting Local Pastors to Christ and One Another


The South River Pastors Fellowship exists to nurture the souls of men through Christ-centered relationships for the purpose a stimulating a stronger union with Christ and a deeper communion with one another.


  • Simplicity—We will structure our gatherings to be free of clutter.
  • Intentionality—We will be purposeful with the time and content of our gatherings.
  • Honesty— We will be real with one another about the health of our souls.

The Name and Nature of South River 

I chose the name South River Pastors Fellowship because the South River meanders through a portion of Augusta County and connects us to the land on which we live and serve the Lord Jesus Christ and his church.

The Nature of South River is exclusive in that it is for conservative evangelical minded men who are serving in pastoral leadership in the local church.  These are men who confess a high authority of the scriptures, believe in the centrality of Christ for salvation, and desire to make a priority of living out the gospel before their family, church, and community.  It is inclusive in the sense that all who confess these conviction are welcome to the fellowship.

If you have questions, please contact me at pastorjmcc@gmail.com.  Have a good day.


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