Seven Guidelines for Goal Setting in 2017

Got Goals? I know what a cheesy introduction.  I tried.  Just saying, it is not too late to set your yearly goals.  I know that for many these are deleted and abandoned by Valentines Day.  Unfortunately, the many who give in or give up never taste the joy and satisfaction of a goal completed.  I … Continue reading Seven Guidelines for Goal Setting in 2017

17 Resolutions for 2017

Okay, so maybe you are not a resolution kind of person.  Here me out...just try some of these resolutions. Pursue: One Mature Leader to Mentor You. Mentor: Two Young Leaders in Your Church or Community. Plan : Three Meaningful Weekends for Your Family. Create: Four Service Projects to do with your family and for Your neighbors. Ask : Five Friends to Evaluate Your … Continue reading 17 Resolutions for 2017

The Resting Pastor: Part II

  Stress is the fountainhead of burnout in ministry and burnout is the unbridled result of unrest. Burnout is a term that is broad and complex.  It is broad because of the amount of information that has been written about it.  Burnout is complex because it manifests itself in the physical, emotional, and spiritual layers of the whole … Continue reading The Resting Pastor: Part II

The Resting Pastor: Part I

 The Pastor and the Sabbath “We don’t forget that we are Christians.  We forget that we are human, and that one oversight alone can debilitate the potential of our future.”[1] (1) The Great Need for Sabbath Among Shepherd Southern Baptist Pastors[2] 84 percent say they’re on call 24 hours a day. 80 percent expect conflict … Continue reading The Resting Pastor: Part I

The Subversive Pastor–Part I

The Pastor is often viewed as a docile and marginal creature by other seemingly more significant beings. However, the pastor must remember that his calling from an invisible God is a subversive calling.  Jesus, God in flesh, walked planet earth as a subversionary example for his present and future disciples. A subversionary leader is one … Continue reading The Subversive Pastor–Part I

The Secret and Simplicity of Ministry

The title of this blog post is the title of chapter 8 in Jason Helopoulos’ new book, The New Pastors Handbook.  In the beginning of the chapter Jason shares of the simplicity of baseball as it relates to ministry.  He writes, “Pastoral Ministry resembles baseball.  Both endeavors are quite simple, yet we can make them … Continue reading The Secret and Simplicity of Ministry

The Unbusy Pastor–Part II

If the pastor is not to be crazy busy, how shall he live? In his book, The Contemplative Pastor, Eugene Peterson continues the discussion on giving adjectival clothes to the noun of pastor.  The last post was an introduction to this new category on the “South River Pastor’s Blog” and it was a first glimpse … Continue reading The Unbusy Pastor–Part II

The Pastor as a Naked Noun

“If I, even for a moment, accept my cultures definition of me, I am rendered harmless”  Pastor Eugene Peterson It has become necessary to dress the noun “pastor” with adjectival clothes that reveal the definition and purpose of this ancient term.  In the following posts I hope to dress the noun in such a way … Continue reading The Pastor as a Naked Noun

Friendly Pastor: Part III

A true godly friend shows you more of yourself than you could discover on your own.  Pastors need these kind of friends.  Jesus is the greatest friend who, through His Spirit, reveals and illuminates our souls to its true reality; be it comforting or convicting.  He, however, is not the only friend we need as … Continue reading Friendly Pastor: Part III