The Friendly Pastor: Part II

Friendship in leadership is perhaps the most non-obvious, but effective, element of discipleship.  Jesus modeled friendship in the role of spiritual formation with his disciples on earth.  Jesus had a deep and loving friendship with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.  There bond was so strong that when Lazarus was deathly sick, they sent for Jesus to … Continue reading The Friendly Pastor: Part II

The Friendly Pastor: Part I

Friendship is pleasurable, advantageous, and virtuous.  Pastors need friendships to survive and thrive in their personal and ministerial lives.  According to recent research among Southern Baptist Pastors, 45% feel isolated in ministry and 48% agree that the demands of ministry are greater than they can handle.[1]  Other mainline denominational research reveals that 70% of pastors … Continue reading The Friendly Pastor: Part I

The Sparrowmen and Mockingmen

On a summer morning I sat on the back porch of my home and listened to the birds.  First there was the song of many coming from one.  The mockingbird rattled and rambled relentlessly upon the crest of my home. It was an indecisive song that was without rest between notes.  Far below, on the … Continue reading The Sparrowmen and Mockingmen

The Bi-Polar Nature of Pastoral Ministry

The word "Bipolar" can be defined as "characterized by opposite extremes." (  I have found this to be true of pastoral ministry.  Many pastors do not need statistics or books to help them understand the burdensome joy of ministry.  Death and life flow regularly side by side in our lives and we must wade in … Continue reading The Bi-Polar Nature of Pastoral Ministry